Our Story


Only Muffins™ is a local bakery established in 2020 dedicated at bringing our delicious and tasty muffins to Mumbai. We've started our operation initially baking out of our home and will be soon opening our first 'Local Bakery' at Andheri East, in the heart of Mumbai. We additionally also have plans to expand beyond Mumbai to major cities around India.
Our Co-founder and Head Baker, Maria Kizhakedathu is a self-taught cook and baker who is exceptional for getting flavours spot on. She already has a huge fan following for everything from her bakes to her cooked meals. She's renowned for tweaking traditional recipes and inventing new recipes.
She stumbled upon the idea of ' Only Muffins™ ' on the afternoon of her mother's birthday as she decided to bake plain ol' muffins out of the blue for the celebration. Shortly after, she distributed the muffins to her friends and close relatives. There was an overwhelming response to this simple bake and people seemed to enjoy the fact that it was light and tasty. She saw the potential of such an item in the regular diet of modern-Indians.
Her vision was simple, to create something everyone could enjoy, either as a snack or as a dessert, no matter your dietary preference. Creating something for people with unique dietary choices (like Plant-based, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, etc.) may have been challenging but in our 'Bake Studio'(lovingly dubbed for it's creativity) a challenge is always welcome. This concept is something that numerous inside Mumbai and all around came to share. Today, our Gourmet Bakery has turned into an exceedingly celebrated and famous brand.
One of the key factors in Only Muffin™’s prosperity has been its ability to constantly take inspiration from everyday dishes and re-craft them into a 'muffin'. We plan to keep working on new flavours alongside traditional flavours. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try out the new home of Gourmet Muffins today!